Vroman's Summer Reading Program 2023!

Vroman’s 2023 Summer Reading Program

BOOK A TRIP is Vroman's Bookstore's FREE Summer Reading Program for young readers entering Kindergarten through 12th Grade!

Rooted in Reading Bookmark Front


  • Sign up at Vroman's Bookstore (Colorado Blvd. store) or the Hastings Ranch branch (next to Whole Foods) before JULY 4th.

  • In your official BOOK A TRIP PASSPORT, please list TEN (10) books that you've read, preferably during the Summer Reading Program.

  • Please write at least THREE (3) travel reviews (AKA book reviews) and submit them to Vroman's Bookstore's Travel Agents (AKA Children's Department Staff Members). 

  • Attend at least ONE (1) event this summer (it doesn't have to be a BOOK A TRIP event). Please check in with a Travel Agent so your name can be added to the list.

  • REWARDS can be claimed on or after AUGUST 5th.



What books can I read?

Well, what books do you WANT to read?

We suggest that you expand your horizons with a MYSTERY, some HISTORICAL FICTION, NON-FICTION, a story or facts about ANIMALS, and perhaps a book about A PLACE WHERE YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN. 

As long as you're reading, it will count, but this could be a good opportunity for you to explore beyond the usual...

(Our Colorado Blvd. store will have a display table with many and varied suggestions!)

What do I write for my travel reviews?

A paragraph! A sentence? Some notes... 
Our Travel Agents love to read what young readers have to say about the books that they sell. Your opinions can be turned into recommendations, so please help us to get the word out about the books that you love!

Can I participate at Vroman’s Hastings Ranch location?

Absolutely! The Travel Agents (Booksellers) at our Hastings Ranch branch will be glad to help you select books and track your progress all summer long!



Vroman’s Bookstore regularly offers author events for children’s books and young adult novels. Please check our website -- or monthly e-newsletter -- for upcoming author readings and signings: www.vromansbookstore.com/upcoming-events

This summer Vroman's Bookstore invites young readers to BOOK A TRIP to adventure, fun, or whatever destination is calling!

  • SATURDAY, JUNE 3rd, 11AM - FREE!

    • Make Your BOOK A TRIP Passport with Sara Luna!

      • Your BOOK A TRIP PASSPORT will help you keep track of the places you've explored (AKA books you've read)!

      • To begin, you can customize and personalize your BOOK A TRIP PASSPORT with Vroman's Bookstore's artist-in-residence, Sara Luna!

      • Sara Luna is a local illustrator. Her specialties include children's picture books and covers for young adult novels. Sara's illustrations have been published in books, magazines, board games, and even as puzzles! You can see her work at www.saraluna.art

      • In August, you can present your passport to one of Vroman's Travel Agents for TRAVEL REWARDS and PRIZES!

      • (If you are unable to attend this event in-person, customizable passports will be made available at the Children's Department Information Desk upstairs.)


  • SATURDAY, JUNE 17th, 11AM - FREE!

    • Storytime Safari with Mr. Steve!: Storytime, crafts, and games!

      • Visiting a BOOK A TRIP event at Vroman's is so easy that it will seem like a vacation! (You should plan to attend at least one event before BOOK A TRIP ends.)

      • Mr. Steve will lead the safari through approximately ten picture books! A wide variety of stories will be read, selected for kids between the ages of 2 and 5. (There can also be some wiggle room at both ends of that age range.) 

      • The crafts and games that follow will be a surprise for everyone!



    • TBD


  • FRIDAY, JULY 21st, 1PM - FREE!

    • Pop in for "Halloween in July":  Pop-Up Cards with Papercraft Master Joel Stern!

      • Papercraft Master Joel Stern, author of MY FIRST ORIGAMI KIT, and ORIGAMI GAMES (as well as many other books and kits) has had his awesome origami featured in movies, commercials, and on TV! BOOK A TRIP is proud to give young artisans a chance to be guided by an expert!

      • Master Joel will help you navigate through the multi-dimensional land of pop-up cards! And we won't make you wait until October to make ghosts, witches, and creepy crawlies that pop out at you! Postcards will seem passé! You'll probably want to take some photos of your projects for the folks back home! 

      • Cut-outs, cards, and materials will be provided. 

      • See Master Joel's art at www.joeldstern.com

      • Please make a reservation: rsvp@vromansbookstore.com 



    • Let Comics Tell Your Tale: Create a Mini-Zine with Mr. Steve

      • Comics can be like a series of postcards and scrapbook photos that tell a story! 

      • Using no-frills, low tech tools (i.e. pencils, paper, and maybe few pens), Vroman's own Mr. Steve will lead you on a trip back in time to the 90s zine scene, where you'll create a 4-page mini-comic!

      • When Mr. Steve isn't reading stories at Storytime, or selling books for Vroman's Bookstore, he's writing and editing comics for indie publisher Antarctic Press.

      • Please make a reservation: rsvp@vromansbookstore.com 



    • FINAL DESTINATION PARTY with Artist Brady Smith! 

      • When you BOOK A TRIP, it's a good idea to check out the local art scene. 

      • As we approach our final destination, Brady Smith -- artist and writer of RANDOM ACTS OF DRAWNESS and the LOUIE AND BEAR graphic novels, to name a few -- will be on hand to help us celebrate the completion of Vroman's Bookstore's 2023 Summer Reading Program, and WOW us with his artistic skills! 

      • Brady will read his book, BUG SANDWICH! Then he'll take art prompts from the crowd, which Brady will draw in 30 seconds or less!

      • Be a part of the party! Chat about books and trade tales of thrills and adventure with your fellow travelers! 


      • And always remember, "No matter where you go, there you are!"

      • View Brady Smith's art at www.bradysmith.com and witness his family's shenanigans on Instagram: @bradysmithhere

      • Please make a reservation: rsvp@vromansbookstore.com 


What are the prizes?

Once you have gone on your GREAT TRIP and finished all your activities, bring in your Vroman’s Passport (with all your summer reads listed) to the Vroman’s Children’s Department. We’ll check to make sure you’ve got everything, including attending an event and turning in three “Travel Reviews” (summaries), and then you’ll receive your prize pack:

  • A $5 gift card to Vroman’s

  • Advance reading copies of books

  • And more!

We’ll be handing out prizes starting August 5 (through August 31st), so take your time and enjoy your picks all summer long!